We have a wide-spread infrastructure with excellent facilities to make Vermiwash in Ahmedabad.

Vermiwash which is applied as a foliar spray is nothing but a potion consisting of excretory wastes and mucus secretion of earthworms/ red worms in conjunction with micronutrients obtained from the soil organic molecules.

We offer pure product, specially formulated to enhance the growth of the plants, making them healthy which ultimately improve the yield of our crops. We employ packaging methodology that ensures the hygiene, purity as well as durability of the product. Hence farmers choose our product over our competitors selling Vermiwash in Gujarat.

The chief aspects of our Vermiwash include:

  • boosts insecticidal resistance in plants
  • Augments stress tolerance genes
  • Aids in activating defense-related genes

We are the leading vermiwash supplier in India.

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